Reuzel Clean and Hydrate Travel Kit ($68.76 Retail Value)

Reuzel Clean and Hydrate Travel Kit ($68.76 Retail Value)

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-  1 x 1.7oz RR Clean & Fresh Solid Face Wash Stick,
-  1 x 100ml Hydrating Face Moisturizer
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-  1 x Travel Bag

RR Skincare for Men, by Reuzel, has made it pretty simple to wash your face, dudes!  The Solid Face Wash Stick is meant to be used on your dry face & neck.  Simply wet your hands, lather & rinse.  

-  Sulfate-free (non-drying formula)
-  Key ingredient, Caffeine aids in reducing dark circles
-  Ingredients calendula, shea butter and apricot oil leave your skin nicely moisturized and smelling like a peach

How to use:  Simply rub the Face Wash Stick over your forehead, cheeks, chin & nose.  Add warm water to your hands, later & rinse.  Follow with a quick slap of RR Clean & Fresh Hydrating Face Moisturizer.

RR Hydrating Face Moisturizer, by Reuzel, is a hydrating face cream for all skin types.  Calming, moisturizing, and brightening - start your day with a quick cleanse with the RR Solid Face Wash Stick, and apply the Clean & Fresh Face Moisturizer - this can be done in 30 seconds - tops - and your skin will thank you! 

-  Balanced formula for all skin types
-  Hydrating
-  Calming
-  Brightening
-  Antioxidant-rich & doesn’t clog pores
-  Key Ingredients Calendula Extract, Caffeine, Shea Butter & Apricot Oil will wake up, nourish your skin and have you smelling like a peach

How to use: After a quick wash with the RR facial cleansing stick, apply a penny-sized-amount to your face and neck areas, taking care to avoid eye contact.  Add more if your skin is parched.

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