Caronlab Renaissance Exfoliating Mitt

Caronlab Renaissance Exfoliating Mitt Grey

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By exfoliating and removing dead cells to make the skin soft, smooth and naturally healthy, the Caronlab Renaissance Glove can help improve the skin's health and appearance and natural glow. The exfoliating glove’s ability to free the skin of dead cells, as well as residues of soap or products that can block the pores, increase the results of skin care products by maximizing their penetration.  Scrub your whole body with the Renaissance Glove, leaving your skin completely refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to be moisturized. Caronlab canada is an excellent place to begin your skincare journey. 

-  Free ingrown hairs and prevent their formation
-  Removes dry & dead skin cells, and buildup from the skin
-  Oxygenates the skin by activating it's microcirculation
-  Leave you with a wonderfully healthy complexion

How To Use:
-  Wet the exfoliating mitt
-  Add a dollop of soap or body wash
-  Scrub your whole body
-  Enjoy fresh, smooth skin

Crafted with fine Italian fabric

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