Verb Sea Shampoo
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Verb Sea Shampoo

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Verb Sea shampoo will help you achieve the ultimate laid-back tousled look. The Sea Shampoo cleanses hair while adding a touch of natural grit to enhance volume and body. Formulated with moisture-penetrating ingredients so it won’t dry out your hair with continued use. Did you just come for the beach? Those beach-waves could have fooled us. Vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, phthalates free, and not tested on animals, you get all off the good with none of the gunk. 

-  Cleansing 
-  Adds body
-  Adds volume 
-  Enhances waves

How To Use:
-  Massage a small amount into wet hair focusing on the roots
-  Massage until shampoo lathers, then rise well
-  Follow with Verb Sea conditioner