Artistic Nail Surface Cleanser 480ml Refill

Artistic Nail Surface Cleanser 480ml Refill

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Artistic Nail Surface Cleanser has a unique chemical composition to cleanse off gel products to create the ultimate shine. Artistic Nail Surface Cleanser contains specifically blended moisturizing additives and specialized solvents to prevent unwanted residue on the nail plate prior to artificial nail application. This nail surface cleanser does not damage the natural nail and non-drying to the skin. Create the perfect artistic nails with the help of this Artistic Nail Surface Cleanser that gently cleanses. 

-  Unique chemical composition
-  Prevents unwanted residue on nail plate
-  No damage to nail and non-drying
-  Create the perfect artistic nails

How To Use:
-  Rub on nail until color is gone and nail feels smooth
-  Use with a lint-free wipe for a flawless, high-shine finish

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